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At 100 and 95 years old, respectively, Ranney Leek and Richard “Dick” Munsen admit that their memories are a little fuzzy at times, but one would have never noticed Friday afternoon as both men spoke to a group of around 30 neighbors, friends and family at Northridge Village about their experiences during World War II.

Both men are among a dwindling number of World War II veterans still alive to tell their stories of the war that began in 1939 and ended in 1945. They were in the United States Army, are both lifelong Iowans and current residents of Northridge, where their stories of bravery, heroism, and tragedy seemed to strike a chord with everyone in attendance.

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Managing multiple medications is a difficult task, especially for people over the age of 65 who take 2-7 prescription drugs a day on average. As you begin taking more prescription drugs, accidents like skipping a dose, overdosing, or taking it with something you shouldn’t can cause dangerous side effects.

Keeping track of all your medications can get complicated. How and when you take medications, the foods and beverages you consume with them, and even where you store your pills play an important role in your health. Here are 3 essential tips to help you better manage your medication, from Everyday Health:

Know Your Medication Facts:

Educate yourself on the type of medication you have been prescribed. Ask your doctor or pharmacist questions about what you’re taking to get a good understanding on their purpose, possible side effects, how and when you should take them, and anything else that you need to know - even what to do when you skip a dose by accident.

Make a List:

Create a running list of all your prescription medications, over-the- counter drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins you take. Bring it with you to all of your doctor’s appointments, any time you go to the hospital and to your pharmacy. If possible, opt to visit the same pharmacy every time your fill a prescription, so that they can easily find records and be on the lookout for potential interactions or medication side effects.

Don’t Take a Day Off:

It is extremely important to take your pills as prescribed. Using a daily pill case will help indicate if you have taken your medication each day. Another easy way to avoid forgetting is to take your pills at the same time every day. By associating taking your medication with your daily routine, it will become a habit. Try taking your pills right before your daily walk, when you brush your teeth or at the start of your favorite program.

Northridge Village Receives CMS Five-Star Quality Rating
Ames Community Ranks Among Top 10 Percent of Retirement Communities Statewide

AMES, IA (6/6/17) –Northridge Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, was recently recognized with a Five-Star rating from the (CMS) Nursing Home Compare Ratings for overall quality care. As a Medicare-certified care center, Northridge Village undergoes a rigorous onsite inspection survey by CMS staff each year. A CMS Five-Star quality rating ranks Northridge Village in the top 10 percent of retirement communities in the state.

CMS created the Five-Star quality rating system to help individuals, families and caregivers compare retirement communities and rehabilitation centers more easily. The Five-Star rating system is based on information from annual state health inspections, staffing ratios, and a range of different quality measures such as cleanliness, staff responsiveness, rehospitalization, infections, and pain management. Scores in each of these three individual areas are then used to determine the overall star rating.

“We are honored to receive an outstanding five-star rating from CMS,” states Northridge Village’s Executive Director Gregg Hanson. “This rating is a tribute to our team’s focus on our patient experience and quality. I am proud of all their hard work and continuation to uphold the high standard of care.”

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Northridge Village gives residents the security of knowing that in most cases, if their needs should change they will have the care that they desire in the community they love. Below is more information on the type of care one can receive at Northridge Village:

Rehabilitation: A person who has surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement, or other illness, such as a stroke or heart issue, can recover with assistance in the Rehabilitation area. Often, guests in Rehabilitation stay for a short time, and during that time he or she is able to access Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services.

Northridge Village also provides Independent Living, Assisted Living and Long-Term Care not covered under Medicare:

Independent Living: Northridge Village offers the opportunity to continue living an active life without the burdens of homeownership. Northridge Village’s Independent Living consists of six styles of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, with amenities such as a full kitchen, a washer/dryer for laundry, and garages. The Independent Living community receives weekly light housekeeping, a 24-hour emergency response pendant system, scheduled transportation for outings and concierge-style services. A daily continental breakfast and a restaurant-style lunch are served, with an evening meal available a la carte.

Assisted Living: Assisted Living apartments offer residents a higher level of support with their daily routine. With much of the same amenities as Independent Living, Assisted Living include three meals per day, medication management, weekly housekeeping, linen and laundry service, stand-by assistance with bathing if needed, along with a 24-hour emergency response pendant system and concierge-style services. Assisted Living residents have routine wellness checks and a plan-of-care which is supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Long-Term Care: At Northridge Village, we approach Long-Term Health Care with compassion and respect. Our private and semi-private rooms are arranged around spacious common areas. After a full assessment by our healthcare team, we will prepare a resident-centered care plan and do everything we can to support your health and well-being during your stay at Northridge Village.

Northridge Village offers a variety of social activities and events for residents who enjoy interacting with peers and offers the opportunity to maintain important social interactions. For more information about services covered by Medicare, or to learn more about our community, contact Keathen Winter at (515) 232-1000 or check out

About Northridge Village:

Life is great at Northridge Village. Here, you can live life on the go, or just relax. You can live the kind of life you want to live: socializing, shopping, traveling, attending the theatre, and much more. Northridge Village offers a diverse array of lifestyle options including Independent Living Apartments, Assisted Living Apartments, and Rehabilitation & Health Care. Designed with active seniors in mind, Northridge Village provides a secure environment where you can enjoy the independence and privacy of your own apartment, free of the day-to-day burdens of home ownership.