As a fiercely independent woman, my mother was looking for a place closer to me, where she could live in comfort independently. We came to Northridge and met Keathen. We were very impressed with her compassion, friendliness, and knowledge of Northridge. She put us at ease right away. Making a decision to leave your home, is not an easy one and can even be frightening, but that was not the case when we entered Northridge. The staff and residents were friendly, welcoming and inviting as we toured. The facilities clean, nicely decorated and comforting.

At the time I was very impressed with the continuum of care Northridge had to offer, but to tell you the truth did not think much about it as it was not something we needed to look into.

Well, how a few short months makes a difference….Soon, I found myself needing to find a service for my mother after she became ill and had a lengthy hospitalization. Mom and I both knew returning home would be difficult,  so we decided to look for a rehabilitation facility. I then remembered the continuum of care Northridge has to offer and called Keathen. She put me in contact with the Director of Nursing and a Social Worker in the skilled nursing unit. Wow, I was so impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. The move from the hospital to skilled nursing was seamless and their mom stayed for 11 days.

I remember the Social Worker telling me that often people come in weak, and leave the door to independent living, they flourish there. That is exactly what we experienced. In those 11 short days. Mom received 3 nourishing meals ever day, therapy, activities, and friendship from the other residents.  care from a very capable staff and most importantly encouragement and support. 11 days later she returned home to live independently and will be moving back in September to live independently in the new buildings in  Northridge Village! We now feel we are members of the community.

To say that we have all been impressed would be an understatement. We felt the love, we felt the encouragement every step of the way. I often say that “Northridge is a Godsend”. Many of my friends, who have parents there, agree completely! At discharge, several of the nurses and staff came in to wish us well. Stating “Our residents become our family, and we care. Please stop by to say hello”

If mom and I  could talk to potential residents and their family members we would say, ” Welcome, you have found a community where you will live and live well, be treated as family and thrive”.

-Teresa Simpson and Mary Ann Ash