There’s an old Italian proverb that goes, “If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” Grandparents are some pretty special people and always know the right thing to say. You can return the favor this holiday season by showing how much you appreciate them.

Host a Grandparents’ Day Out

Nothing shows appreciation and thankfulness like giving your time. Scheduling a grandparent’s day out is more than just treating your loved ones to some fun and food. It’s saying, “I value you and our time together so much that I’m making today about you.”

Create a Family Recipe Book

Your family’s favorite recipes tell a meaningful story. Treasure your family history by making some family recipes together and writing down the recipes in a book that can be shared with everyone. Your grandparents will love cooking with you and knowing that their stories and memories will live on.

Organize a Movie Night

Blankets? Check. Popcorn? Check. Movie night? Check. Set up a cozy movie night at home with your grandparents’ favorite films or classic movies from their younger years. There are so many great movies that a lot of younger people haven’t seen before, so a movie night lets the grandparents relive their childhood and brings the younger generation back in time.

Share Your Achievements

Grandparents love nothing more than to celebrate and encourage their loved ones to continue pursuing their dreams. Whether it’s a talent show, soccer game, or a tour around the house with all the trophies and ribbons, share your achievements, especially those of the grandchildren.

Teach them How to Use New Technology

Technology has changed a lot over the last couple of years. Spend an afternoon helping them get caught up to speed by teaching them how to use smartphones, tablets, or computers, and how to connect with family members through video calls or social media. Once they feel comfortable with newer technology, it’ll be even easier to stay connected and share experiences and memories together.

Write Heartfelt Letters

Texts might be nice because they send super fast and are easy, but a written letter really comes from the heart. A letter requires you to take the time to sit down, think about the person, address the envelope, and pay for the stamp. Writing a heartfelt letter takes a conscientious effort that your grandparents will always appreciate.

Plan a Surprise Family Reunion

Take a note from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 and plan a surprise family reunion that brings multiple generations together after many years apart. Your grandparents’ faces will light up as they reconnect with distant relatives and share their stories and experiences.

Share Stories

Nothing is more valuable than hearing stories from past generations, especially your own grandparents. Get a deck of conversation cards or look up questions on the internet that prompt conversation and stories. Find the questions that dive deeper. This is even better if you can record or write down these stories to share with future generations.

How Will You Show Your Grandparents You’re Thankful for Them?

We talked about a lot of different ways to show gratitude to your grandparents. The most important thing is to make sure that you pick an activity they will enjoy. Give them your time, energy, and attention, and they will treasure whichever activity you pick.

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